Office and Event Catering

Whether it’s a regular Tuesday at work, somebodies birthday, or you’re having a party, we’ve got you covered!  We offer breakfast, lunch and dinner catering for all size and types of events.  We have a variety of delicious options including vegan, keto and gluten free!

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Contact us: 204-334-PITA (7482) OR THROUGH THE FORM BELOW                                                  Chicken Beef Quinoa Black Bean Garden Tomatoes Spinach Cucumbers Avocado Hummus Sprouts Chipotle Italian Cuisine Amazing Great Thai Steak PhillyStrawberry, Peach, Mango, Tastey, Mayo Canada Delivery Fun Winnipeg Yogen Fruz Schwarma Black Bean Vegetarian Vegan Meat Protein Vitamins Gluten Free WinnipegBeef Feta Onions Avocado Chips Cookies Quinoa Black Bean Tomatoes Sprouts Romaine Hummus Onions Peppers Pickles Cucumbers Garlic Chipotle

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